Verizon FiOS Spanish Language Package Landing Page

Role: Designer

Awards: 2013 Houston Addys- Silver

Client: Verizon Telecom

Culture is part of everyone’s and identity and transcends throughout everyday facets of life. With television, music, and social media growing more prominent by the day, Verizon FiOS took the initiative to increase awareness of their services by launching the “Celebrate Your Culture” campaign.

Verizon FiOS pushed their multicultural efforts by promoting awareness about the Spanish Language Package- a package geared with enriching and diverse content from Latin America programming bundled perfectly with superior Internet to keep families connected to the entertainment they love back home. The campaign look was based on insights of the Hispanic family and segmented each role with their corresponding content. This created a cohesion of visual ties and cues that would resonate to our diverse audience and their tastes.