Art: Ralph Macabitas
Copy: Dan Trimarchi

The true crime genre has surged in recent years, captivating millennials with a mix of social justice advocacy and dramatic storytelling. And it has successfully transformed audiences into activists time and time again.

We leveraged this trend as a way to get around the current perception that food allergies aren’t “real,” bringing the subject to the forefront of cultural conversation through a partnership with a publisher that attracts 5 million unique monthly listeners1, using a digital medium that attracts a younger-than- average audience.

For our Young Cannes Lions entry, we though of a podcast series created by End Allergies Together (E.A.T.) in partnership with Serial that investigates the mysterious death of a teen boy from a Kansas City suburb. In a surprise twist, the final episode reveals that he went into anaphylactic shock a er eating a candy bar containing trace amounts of nuts—but that series is a fictional story based on real-life events, developed with E.A.T. as a stunt to raise awareness and funding to support the cause.